Wallpaper hangers Perth team from WA Decorators can advise if you are looking for the latest trends from 3D papers to working within your budget papers. Since we are professional decorators we have vast knowledge of the wallpapers and wall murals available.

WA Decorators’ tips for selecting the perfect wallpaper for your project.

Choose the right product for the space available

Lots of wallpapers can be painted – this will allow you to coordinate the colours with other furnishings.  If you choose the right wallpaper hanger Perth, they will provide good advice. WA Decorators have a vast knowledge base when you are looking for Wallpaper hanging in Perth

Do your homework – shop around

Although it is sometimes easier to shop online for wallpapers, it is much more sensible to see the wallpaper before you buy it.  Colours online can be a lot different than in real life, and you will want to see and feel the different textures and shades, which you just cannot see on a screen.

What is the room to be used for?

Consider the foot traffic in the area you wish to wallpaper.  For example, kitchens and bathrooms are high traffic areas, and therefore vinyl wallpaper is a good choice as they can be easily cleaned with soapy water and a brush.  For low traffic areas, such as lounge/dining areas and bedrooms, choose a more subtle and gentle paper.

Colour coordinate with other furnishings

Carefully measure the walls that are to be wallpapered.  If you have fabric samples of your furniture and paint chips from your existing walls, then take them with you when you choose your wallpapers.  It is easier to choose colours that complement the existing furnishings.  Alternatively, try and take a picture in a good light that best matches the natural colours of your room.


It is very important to research the price of wallpaper.  The price of a good paper varies hugely.  It all depends upon fabric, quality, brand, colour etc. Cost can go from $20 per roll, to hundreds of dollars per roll.

Consider more than one paper

If you have found the perfect wallpaper, but it is either end of stock, or the store has simply sold out, then you could consider using a second coordinating paper, such as stripes with a solid colour, or a floral paper with a delicate stripe.

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