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Warning Signs It Is Time to Paint Your Home

It can be difficult to tell when is the right time to paint your home especially if you have never undertaken this type of project before. There are a few signs that our resident house painters Perth suggests you look out for to determine whether you need to freshen up your home. These signs apply to both the interior and exterior of your home.

Exposed Wood

Exterior paint isn’t just about aesthetics but it actually protects your home from the elements. If you see bare wood or other material exposed, it is definitely time to repaint your home exterior. Putting off the project may lead to damage which can be costly to fix. WA Decorators will send painting contractors to your residence to inspect the problem and repaint your home as needed.

Water or Mold Stains

Peeling and cracking paint allows mold to grow underneath the paint. This poses a health hazard because mold is responsible for a variety of respiratory complications. In addition to this, the peeling paint may cause water stains which are unsightly and diminish your interior décor.  Our house painter team easily removes the stains and mold with a special chemical mixture before painting a fresh coat.

Wood Staining

Deck sealing and wood staining at WA Decorators is another of our specialties. No matter how big the job is we will be sure to leave you pleased with the quality of our work.

Our professional WA Decorator house painters specialize in providing top-notch wood staining and finishing services which include deck staining, deck sealing, wood finishing, wood staining, wood sealing and more. We offer eco-friendly green painting which is safer for your family and also reduces the impact on the environment all without sacrificing quality and coverage.

Peeling Paint

Visible signs of peeling paint are a sure indicator that you need a fresh paint job. Remember that the paint also protects your home from lasting damage. Leaving your wood exposed to the elements can quickly lead to damage which is considerably more expensive and time consuming to fix than a fresh coat of paint.

Fading Paint

The exterior of your home needs a facelift every couple of years because it is constantly exposed to the weather. Over time, the paint may become dull or fade and reduces your curb appeal. Although faded paint doesn’t necessarily mean impending damage, it greatly affects how your home looks. A new coat of paint every few years is necessary to keep your home looking new and attractive.

We have a qualified resident house painter in Perth and a team of painting contractors depending on the scope of your project. WA Decorators is a trusted residential and commercial painting company and guarantees great quality and a fair price.

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