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Before getting into the details on how to choose a great colour scheme for your heritage house, it is highly advised that you hire a professional painter Perth. You run the risk of ruining your home’s curb appeal or dating it further without professional assistance. In addition to this, ensure that the painter you hire has actual experience with heritage painting Perth.

A heritage home is simply a house that is recognized as having significant cultural heritage interest or value. This designation is typically based on aesthetic and historical factors. One of the main challenges that heritage homeowners face is updating the home’s exterior and interior paint. There are a few tips to help guide you in the right direction.

Consider the Architectural Era and Style

Heritage homes look very similar at a passing glance but closer inspection reveals huge differences. It is important that you match the paint to the architectural style and era. There are paints specifically made for heritage homes, down to the era and style of the home. Our WA Decorators can help you decipher this information and suggest paints that are most appropriate for your home.

Think About Curb Appeal

The best way to choose a colour scheme for your heritage home is to start at the end and work your way back to the beginning. Think about how you want your home to look. For example, would you like your home to stand out or blend in with the rest of the houses or surroundings? This visualization helps to reduce your options to a manageable size.

Consider Other Houses

If you live in a heritage community, your neighbours can offer great clues as to what kind of colour scheme you should consider. The point isn’t to blindly follow what others are doing, but rather to get inspiration and learn from mistakes. Collect as much information as possible and work with WA Decorator’s your heritage painting Perth expert to figure out what you want and what he should avoid at all costs.

Consider Painting Fixtures

Finally, heritage homes are typically complemented by balconies, eaves, driveways and fences. Consider painting these too in order to create an even greater curb appeal. Lighter shades on fixtures, for example, helps to bring in contrast and makes your home stand out. An expert can recommend which fixtures should pop and which should be subtle.

It is crucial that you hire a painter who is experienced working with heritage homes. WA Decorators has a team of painters to help you choose your color scheme and complete the project to your satisfaction.

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