How To Maintain Your Wallpaper

If your wallpaper is flocked or has any kind of texture, then it is best to vacuum it, using the curtain attachment of your vacuum cleaner.  If you try and brush away dust or cobwebs, sometimes this can streak the paper. Placing a microfiber cloth onto the end of a sweeping brush also works well.

Keep offcuts of your wallpaper, because if your wallpaper becomes marked or torn, a professional wallpaper hanger Perth can patch up the wallpaper without it being noticed.

It is a good idea to test textured or expensive wallpapers before washing it.  Keep your offcuts, and test one with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.  If the paper darkens or soaks in the water, then it cannot be washed.

In the kitchen, you should give your wallpaper a wipe down occasionally, as it is exposed to grease and steam.

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