Commercial Painting

What You Can Expect from Our WA Decorators Commercial Painting Services

Choosing a Perth commercial painting service is a delicate matter because your business and reputation may be at stake. WA Decorators prides itself as a leader of both commercial and residential painting jobs. Our services include full interior decorators and exterior painting and wallpaper installation Perth complete with a guarantee for quality. There are a few things you can expect from our team which sets us apart form the other painting contractors.

Meticulous Preparation

We don’t believe in walking into a job site and starting work haphazardly to get the job done as soon as possible. We focus on preparation because we understand that the quality of the paint job is only as good as the foundation on which it is applied. Our procedure includes;

Perth Commercial Painting - Industrial Painting | Interior Decorator Perth

Industrial Painting & Refurbishments

WA Decorators are experienced in working in factories and industrial settings where not disrupting workflow may be imperative. We are able to work out of hours when required or to tight deadlines such as annual shut down periods.

We regularly apply specialist coatings to internal surfaces such as machine enamel and hard wearing epoxy wall and floor paints. We are often required to carry out essential maintenance painting such as bay and line markings to factory floors which may experience high traffic and wear.

WA Decorators offer a comprehensive range of commercial painting Perth and decorating services to suit virtually all requirements including cladding and building painting where durability and guarantees are required.

Our team are fully accredited in all access methods and are capable of working in the most challenging heavy industrial environments.

Perth Commercial Painting - Industrial Painting | Interior Decorator Perth